Here is a link to a pdf file of the 2016 auction catalog created by our Auction Chairman, John Timmerman.
Auction catalog Part 2 is here. ____ A Correction to Auction catalog Part 2 can be found here
and a Special Supplement to Auction catalog Part 2 is located here.
Auction catalog Part 3 can be found here.




1. All donations become the property of the club unless previously designated.,br.

2. All silent bid items will have a bidding sheet.

3. Bidding starts when the table is set.

4. Bidding stops when the President calls everyone to their seat.

5. There is no bidding during programs. Bidding will be allowed during breaks and after the final program is completed.

6. Your bidding number is your registration number.

7. All bids start at $0.50 unless otherwise indicated on the bid slip.

8. Bid raising will be done in $0.25 increments unless otherwise indicated on the bid slip.

9. Any conflict concerning an auction item will result in the item being removed from the auction and returned to the donor.

10. All items will remain on the table until the auction is closed by the President.

___________________ --Silent Auction Committee



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