Calvert County, Maryland
April 9, 2022

Pictured: Cris Cameron, Jeffrey Cameron, Erin Burch, Brandon Burch, Mimi Dill, Rich Goldberg, Scott Foxx, Everett Long, Susan O'Connor
Photo by Dora Zimmerman, Leader of the Pack


The winter thaw provided fresh falls off of the cliffs, exposing bivalves that were complete pairs: Chesapecten nefrens, Arcidae, Lucine, Astarte, Dosinia.


Jeffrey Cameron from Irmo, SC examines a find while wading in the chilly water.


Scott Foxx and Everett Long searching for finds on the beach.


Mimi Dill and Erin Burch were happy to find their Exphoras (Ecphora gardnerae) the Maryland state fossil.


Cris and Jeffrey Cameron proudly display some of their nice finds!


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