North Carolina Shell Club
Membership Application

Annual Dues:***************** Individual: $15.00
********* ** ***************** **Family: ***$20.00

Life Membership: Individual = $225.00 & Family = $300.00

The membership year begins January 1. Please make checks payable to The North Carolina Shell Club
and mail them to the club treasurer, Karlynn Morgan, 3098 Shannon Drive, Winston Salem, NC 27106-3647

Meeting are held four times a year, generally in March or April, May (The Shell Show), September and November (Club Auction.) Members will receive a copy of the Club's newsletter prior to each meeting.

Please complete the following for our Annual Membership Directory.

Date: _______________________


Address __________________________________________________________

City _____________________________ State _______ Zip _________________

Telephone (____) ___________Shell Specialty ____________________________

E-Mail Address _____________________________________________________

*Please list all Family members to be included in membership:

Membership Category:

( )Individual ( )Family ( )Lifetime

Print, complete and return this application with your check to the Treasurer at our next meeting or mail to the above address.

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