Membership in the North Carolina Shell Club


Individual Memberships are $15.00 per year

Family Memberships are $20.00 per year

Life Memberships are 15x the regular member annual dues
(Individual = $225/Family = $300)


All Membership Dues are payable at the first of each year.

New members may join by paying their annual dues in person at any meeting. Checks should be made payable to: . NC Shell Club .


For further information, contact the Club Treasurer.


There are two other types of membership in the Club:

Lifetime and Honorary, both are awarded by a vote of the club membership.



(No date avail) Lucy Piper (deceased)

May, 1980 - John & Doris Ferguson (both deceased)

May, 1989 - Hugh & Pinky Porter (Hugh deceased)

Mar, 1991 - Van & Alta VanLandingham (both deceased)

May, 1992 - Ruth Dixon (deceased)

May, 1992 - Charlotte Johnson (deceased)

1996 - Marguerite Thomas (deceased)

Apr, 2002 - Dean & Dottie Weber (Dottie deceased)

2006 - Carl & Janet Truckner (both deceased)

Sep, 2008 - Cornelia McInnes (deceased)

Mar, 2012 - Peggy Wilkerson (deceased)

Jan, 2016 - Mary Louise Spain

Nov, 2017 - Doug & Nancy Wolfe

March, 2023 - Ed Shuller

May, 2023 - Jeannette Tysor




Dave and Jody Watts

Donald & Eloise Bosch (both deceased)





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