North Carolina Shell Club members Cheryl Manger, Mark Johnson, Bill Bennight and Linda Gustafson pose with a large framed print of the classic “Shells of the South Atlantic Coast" which the club donated to the Oak Island Nature Center.





Cheryl Manger smiles as a happy boy smiles with his shell prize from our give-away shell box.


Cheryl and Linda had a great time at the shell show - can you tell?



Cheryl shows two children how a bivalve hinge works.






















Dominique M. Joos de ter Beerst (Center) was the Fossil Judge while Club Members Bill Bennight (L) and Mark Johnson (R) judged the Shell entries.



Stephanie Howard, NC Shell Club Member, took home the Award for the best Shell Exhibit! Congratulations, Stephanie!


Linda Gustafson looks on as Cheryl looks up the identification of a shell for a visitor to the shell show.


This little guy had a hard time deciding which shell he really wanted. It's a big decision, you know!



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