Dr. Donald Bosch and his wife, Eloise were our Guests of Honor during the 2008 Shell Show.

These five photos are representative of just a few of the splendid shells our dealers, Sue Hobbs and Donald Dan brought to our Shell Show this year! Lots of tough decisions........hmmm, will it be lunch today, or that lovely volute?

Ronda & Barry Gregware, Dana & David Bunn having too much fun!


Club members Harold Brown, Hannah Rotman and Everett Long enjoyed the banquet Saturday night.


Ed Shuller and Jeannette Tysor won the People's Choice Award with their exhibit, Shelling in Eleuthera.

Ann Buddenhagen presents Nancy Gilfillan with the Exhibitors' Choice Award. Her exhibit of "freak" shells was called, Oddities of the Sea, and also took First Place in the Specialized Collection category.

Dr. and Mrs. Bosch pose with club members Everett Long, Ed Shuller and Harold Brown.

John Schreck and Vicky Wall at the Awards Banquet.


A very Special "Thank You" goes to Ed Shuller and Jeannette Tysor for sharing many of the photographs shown on the shell show photo pages.

Part of the NC seashore exhibit which was in the lobby of The Cape Fear Museum. Many of our members loaned shells and photos for this exhibit.

Note: this exhibit was taken down at the end of the 2009 Shell Show