Club Member Earl Smith takes a break in front of the Shell Show Welcoming Poster

Once again, the Cape Fear Museum in Wilmington was the host for our 2008 Shell Show.


Ann Buddenhagen's large exhibit of crystalized fossil shells won the 2008 DuPont Trophy, as well as the Blue Ribbon for Best Fossil Collection.

Ed Shuller and Jeannette Tysor won the Hugh Porter Award again this year with their exhibit on Shelling in Eleuthera.

John Timmerman's Playing With a Full Deck won him another COA Trophy this year.

The club did not receive our COA Trophy in time for the show this year, so John printed a small sign to designate the winner of the trophy. Little did he know that he was printing his own award!


Just one of the colorful cases from John's trophy-winning exhibit.


Club member Vicky Wall discusses her entry with Chief Scientific Judge, Kevan Sunderland.


The Dean and Dottie Weber Environmental Awareness Trophy was awarded to Vicky for her exhibt, There's More than One Way to Collect a Shell!





Anne Fogleman poses in front of her award- winning exhibit, My Favorite Shells.

Anne won the Blue Ribbon for the Junior Collection category and also the Best Novice Collection Trophy! Good work, Anne!



Ann Buddenhagen poses with Dean and Dottie Weber during the shell show.


Doug Wolfe's exhibit, Let's Go Shellling in North Carolina! was the winner of The Best NC Collection Trophy. It also tied for First Place in the One Case Wonders category.


Doug's exhibit also contained the shell winning Best Shell in Show, Phalium coronadoi.



This photo of Calpurnus verrucosus won the Best Photography Trophy for Karlynn Morgan.


The Best Self Collected Shell was in the exhibit, Shelling in Eleuthera by Ed Shuller and Jeannette Tysor.

Nancy Gilfillan makes a point to Dr. Donald Bosch, who was our honored guest at the show. Vicky Wall is talking to Mrs. Bosch in the background. The Bosch's daughter looks at Vicky's exhibit.

The Shell Show drew a fair number of visitors to the museum, although attendance was down from last year. Gas prices, financial meltdowns and a major coastal storm the day before the show were surely major contributors to our lower attendance.

This Double Sailor's Valentine, created by Constance Marshall Miller won First in that category, along with the Best in Arts and Crafts Trophy.


A close-up shot of some of the detail and fine work involved in creating art with shells.

Linda Sunderland, the judge for Arts & Crafts for our show, talks with Ed Shuller while Ann Buddenhagen stands by.

Here is some detail from the winning Single Sailor's Valentine, exhibited by Jane Santini.

Arts & Crafts Not Created by the Exhibitor -- Carved 
Cameo exhibited by John and Darlene Schrecke


Dr Patricia Kelley from UNC-Wilimington, was our speaker at the Friday night meeting.

Her presentation was very entertaining!

Here are three of the "specimens" shown in Vicky Wall's beautiful exhibit, The Spell of the Shell which placed First in the Other category. She displayed her large collection of collectible perfume compacts alongside a true shell which she felt each compact depicts.

Visitor Dick Petit admires Doug Wolfe's award-winning exhibit.