Amy Dick's beautiful exhibit on the shells she collected during her trip to French Polynesia.
(Photo courtesy of Sheila Nugent.)


Sheila Nugent won the newly-created Alta VanLandingham award for her display on freshwater mussels.



Sue Saunders once again created a beautiful work of art with her Sailor's Valentine entry.




John Timmerman's exhibit on Shell Show Exhibits was a favorite, winning the DuPont Trophy and the Victoria "Vicky" Wall Educational Award.
(Photo courtesy of Vicky Wall)


Ed Shuller and Jeanette Tysor won the Hugh Porter Award with their tribute to the recently deceased Malocologist and club member.


Vicky Wall's winning photograph of Nodipecten fragosus.



Alex won the Novice Award AND the Junior Award for his exhibit of Sanibel Shells he collected this past year! Congratulations, Alex!
(Photo courtesy of Vicky Wall)



Irmgard Cate's Sea Garden creation was a favorite of the Judges.


Ron Hill's beautiful Perotrochus Oishii was Shell of the Show!




Sheila Nugent is one talented girl as she wins with her original oil painting of a scene from her desk. She makes ships in bottles also, having made the one in her painting.





Irmgard Cate's unique Urchin Garden won a Blue Ribbon AND a Judges Special Award!


Karlynn Morgan's exhibit, Shelling at the Club won first place in the Educational Category.




Vicky Wall won the COA Trophy and Best Self Collected Exhibit Award for her exhibit of World-wide Self-collected Shells.
(Photo courtesy of Vicky Wall)





Sheila Nugent's Living the Mangrove Life was an interesting and intriguing display of what can be found in and among those mangrove roots.




Nancy Wolfe and Vicky Wall are in the process of setting out their displays at the club table where there were tee shirts, sport shirts, tote bags, club pins, books and membership information available as well as the Scavenger Hunt station.

Amy Dick's unique Conus leopardus.




After the show got underway, action got pretty heavy at the Scavenger Hunt Station. The children were extremely excited to play this fun game!

Vicky Wall's Nerite peloronte, The Bleeding Tooth Nerite, was huge and walked off with Self-Collected Shell!



Jeanette Tysor poses with her Hugh Porter Award, alongside Hugh's wife, Pinky, and club member Vicky Wall.
(Photo by Anthony Wall Courtesy of Vicky Wall)



Those Social Oysters won Doug Wolfe a Judge's Special Award.

Here are most of the offerings for the Photography Category. All were good photos!

A section of the shells that were entered in the Single Shell Self-Collected Category.


(All photos without photo credits by web master)