Shell Club Member, Elliot Mamet, and his brother Abe drove from Durham for their first shell show - they left with grab bags of shells!






An overview of the room from the "catwalk" above. The dark-skirted tables in the center are the shell exhibits themselves. Our three shell dealers were against the back wall: A) Sue Hobbs and Phil Dietz, B) Rich Goldberg, and C) Brian Hayes. Our shell dealers are an important part of our shell show and their business was brisk!



Samples of John Timmerman's informational signs which were colorful and full of helpful information, as intended.


















Best Arts & Crafts Using Actual Shells: Julie Smith; Regal Fish





Erin Burch's "Old Clay and the Sea" won Best Arts & Crafts Depicting Shells



Best Sailor’s Valentine: Sue Saunders; Longing for You







Julie Smith; Night Sail- This won a Judge’s Special Award Ribbon Artistic









Ben Wunderly brought in his Scotch Bonnet for a new North Carolina size record! Congratulations, Ben!

Ben has donated his shell to the NC Maritime Museum in Beaufort.
Click HERE to read all about it.






Lauren poses beside her entry with her new Trophy for Best Junior Arts and Crafts Entry: Christmas Santa Wreath




Vicky Wall poses with her Hugh Porter Award with Hugh's wife, Pinky Porter, who came to the show with her son, Wes.






Erika Young of Ladona Julia Pottery had a dealer's booth of her artistic pottery of shells and related sealife featuring a little bit of everything.

Irmgard Cate had Five beautiful entries in this year's show!



Irm wom the Janet Durand Award for her creation, "The Mussel Seeker"


Irm Cate's Table, "Shell Table for Martha" was a free-standing exhibit.

Sailor's Valentine from Irm. The Red Arrows, seen here and elsewhere, marked the shells/items that were included in the children's Scavenger Hunt (quite popular with many adults as well!)


Stephanie Howard's First-time Arts and Crafts Entries




Paul Zimmerman has found a practical way to use Dora's shells!


Club Member Chandra Phillips also entered FIVE exhibits into the Arts and Crafts Competitions!

"Rare Sightings of the Ocean"

Gpa's Curiosities






Koi Ascending

Chambered Nautilus - A Living Fossil


Susan Saunders' "Lady in Red" Sailor's Valentine

"Wonder" Under The Sea


Robert Finn, our UNC-W Scholarship award winner, attended our Banquet and briefly introduced himself and explained his study area.

Irm Cate won the embroidered jacket and Vickie Owens won the Acteon eloisae jewelery set from the raffle this year




Brady Semmel won the "People's Choice" Award for his exhibit, "Masterpieces by Mollusks"


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