Non-Competetive display of North Carolina Record-Size Scotch Bonnet - Semicassis granulata


Information signs and video display of North Carolina shells.


The Shell Club Table was very well-stocked!


Preparing for opening day at the Club Sales Table.





Raffle Sales, Club Memberships, Club Merchandise were all located in one convenient location.


The children's activities table included shell coloring pages.


Dora Zimmerman prepares wooden beads for making shell necklaces and bracelets while Linda Gustafson assists.




The Conchologists of America Award went to Gene Everson for Self-Collected Seashells from the Indian Ocean




Greg Curry won the duPont trophy for his display on Cymbiola from the Coral Sea.



Mike Tove's display of giant cone shells took the Master's Trophy


Brady Semmell's exhibit of self-collected North Carolina Shells never fails to awe!



Karlynn Morgan's Sthenorytis turbina won Shell of Show Any Source



Linda Zylman's Conus theodorei won Best Self Collected Shell AND her exhibit won the Alta VanLandingham Award!


The Dean & Dottie Weber Environmental Awareness Award was won by Jan Reaves for her exhibit of miniature shells, "Tiny Treasures"





An extremely interesting exhibit from Linda Zylman of a large deposit of Oyster shells and pottery she found on the property of her North Carolina mountain home.





Vicky Wall's self-collected shells from Florida won the High Porter Award.

Dora Zimmerman finally entered the shell show and was awarded with the Novice Award for her lovely collection of Maryland Fossil Bivalves.






Brady Semmel won the blue ribbon for Self-Collected Single Shell:
Atrina rigida - A World Record





The Best Small Exhibit Award was won bt Amy Dick for her display of a Selection of Conidae from the Marquesas

Fossil Shells of the World was the winner of the Best Fossil Exhibit for Greg Curry




Karlynn Morgan; Macrocypraea zebra won Blue for Scientific Photography


John Reaves' exhibit, "Sea Lab: The U.S. Navy’s Man-In-The-Sea Program" won First Place in Other, Scientific



First Place in Marine Life: Linda Brunner; On Land, On Shore, In Sea

Staphylaea staphylaea from Vicky Wall in Scientific Photography


Specialized Collection from Linda Brunner; Spathochlamys benedicti






An albinistic Cymbiola vespertilio of Greg Curry's Single Shell Any Source


Single Shell Self Collected: Linda Zylman; Aliger gallus


Harold Brown entered a fossil Ecphora

Bill Bennight's wonderful exhibit of Cones from Okinawa


Judge's Special Ribbons went to Karlynn Morgan for "Representatives of the Family Epitoniidae" and to Jim and Linda Brunner for "The Portland Catalogue"






Mike and Miraflor Tove exhibited a growth series of Conus gloriamaris for first place in Specialized Collection



Mimi Dill had a unique exhibit explaining shell classification by shapes.



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