1. A complete, signed application must be submitted for each entry.

2. Entries can be made in as many categories as desired. Content of each exhibit must be for that one entry only. For example, an entry in Category No.9 – “Specialized Collection” can not be considered as part of Category No. 5 “World Wide – Any Source.”

3. Content of the exhibit must be solely the property of the exhibitor and may not be for sale during the show.

4. No exhibitor shall be allowed in the exhibit area while judging is in process.

5. Any exhibit which has won first place in a North Carolina Shell Show must be reworked at least 50%: that is to say, the addition of new labeling or specimens.

6. A shell that has won either the “Single Best Self Collected Shell” or “Best Shell of Show” in a North Carolina Shell Show cannot qualify for either award a second time.

7. The name of the exhibitor must not show on any part of the exhibit until after judging is complete (this prohibition includes a picture of the exhibitor on a backboard as well). Labels identifying the exhibitor will be provided by the show and placed on exhibits after judging is complete. Exhibitors may provide their own labels should they desire.

8. Awards will be given only if the judges deem exhibits worthy of receiving them. The judge’s decisions are final. The COA guidelines of sound judging are used as a guide.

9. Except for Category 15, there is no limit to exhibit size. Width (front to back) is limited to 30 inches. Electricity is available upon request. The reverse side of posters, maps, easels, etc. should be neat and pleasing to the eye so as not to detract from exhibits on the opposite side of the table. All backboards must be free standing. Backboard height limit is 36 inches. Exhibits must fit on the tables.

10. Exhibits must be contained in some sort of covered box or case. This is for the safety of the collections. An exception is made for very large shells which may be displayed uncovered at the owner’s risk. All effort is made by the show committee to ensure the safety of exhibits but uncovered shells are tempting to touch which can happen too quickly even when we are looking.


11. Exhibits must remain in place for the duration of the show. Early removal may cause loss of eligibility for future shows.

12. Failure to bring an entry to the show may result in a charge for table space and loss of future eligibility for the show.


13. No advertising or selling of merchandise will be allowed in or around the show other than by vendors who have filed a complete application. The Shell Club table is a vendor.


14. In categories other than those which must only contain self-collected shells, a red star should be placed on the shell’s label in order for it to be eligible for the “Self- Collected Shell of the Show” Award.

15. The arts and crafts exhibits must be the sole creation of the entrant, excluding support apparatus such as cases, pedestals, frames, easels, etc. This rule is suspended for entrants into Category 24, which is specifically for arts and crafts not created by the exhibitor.

16. The Shell Show Committee reserves the right to change an exhibit to another category if in its opinion it does not belong in the category in which it was entered. Should a change of category be considered every effort will be made to discuss the situation with the entrant before a change is made.

17. The North Carolina Shell Show and Cape Fear Museum will not be responsible for damage of theft of any exhibit. However, appropriate preventative precautions will be taken. It should be noted that the Museum has security systems.

18. Suggestions or complaints concerning the show must be directed to the North Carolina Shell Show Committee ONLY. Any unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of any exhibitor will be reported to the officers of North Carolina Shell Club. The incident will be discussed at the next meeting of officers and may result in prohibition of entry in the North Carolina Shell Show for a minimum of one year.


Remember Important Date

Deadline for posting Entry: September 1, 2015
Completed Application(s) must be received no later than September 1, 2015